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To create neighborhoods of choice by undertaking a comprehensive approach in neighborhood development and revitalization by upholding the highest standards in quality, affordability, and sustainability in the acquisition, development, rehabilitation or other initiative with the purpose of bettering the lives of, increasing economic empowerment and self sufficiency, and creating homeownership, rental and economic opportunities for people with low to moderate incomes.




The Neighborhood Development Associates, Inc. (NDA) is a non-profit housing corporation that is overseen by a dedicated and committed Board of Directors with the Lynn Housing Authority & Neighborhood Development (LHAND) managing the administrative responsibilities on behalf of the NDA Board.  Established in 1979, the NDA was formulated with the primary purpose of transforming targeted neighborhoods in Lynn’s urban core through working with the City of Lynn, LHAND and the citizens of Lynn.  Since its inception over thirty years ago, NDA has become the driving force in the City of Lynn and has demonstrated and maintained an ongoing commitment to these neighborhoods by reclaiming and building property, transforming many of these neighborhoods into stable, healthy neighborhoods where residents take pride in their homes. With a concentrated focus on bettering Lynn’s “urban core”, NDA has effectively reduced over crowded neighborhoods, improved housing conditions, and reinforced housing stability.  NDA revitalizes communities and creates opportunities for first time homebuyers, investors and renters.


The NDA is fully committed to meeting and sustaining all of the goals and objectives that were set out thirty years ago, and will continue to maintain and surpass the same high standards that have made the NDA a recognized local, regional and national leader in neighborhood revitalization and affordable housing.



The Washington Street Gateway (WSG) area, which extends from the Lynnway to Washington Street, up to and including Broad Street , back down Newhall Street to the Lynnway, is key to the revitalization efforts underway in Lynn because of its proximity to the waterfront (Lynnway), Diamond District, downtown and transportation center. Phase I of this project has begun with four (4) single family homes being constructed on Suffolk Court.


















Christine Newhall, Chairperson

Christine is a lifelong Lynn resident and has served on the NDA Board of Directors for nine years. Christine is exceptionally proud of all the work that is accomplished by NDA each year. “Over time, we have helped hundreds of families achieve the dream of home ownership and have created significant and lasting improvements in neighborhoods across our City. The project that has been the most rewarding to me is the Waterworks project on Walnut Street that was completed in 2009 and in a complete neighborhood transformation, while maintaining a significant piece of Lynn’s history. NDA’s hallmark of preserving Lynn communities persevered in this project, and materials from the building were salvaged to create an archway on the property’s commemorative garden. The project serves as an example of exceptional coordination between multiple federal, state, and local agencies and departments, as well as city officials, community partners and neighbors to achieve such a successful outcome.”
Christine and her husband are raising their family in Lynn and she is passionate about giving back to the community that has given so much to her over the years. “Serving as Chairperson on the NDA Board allows me the opportunity to provide leadership to this amazing organization that consistently makes a positive impact in neighborhoods across the City by aiming to improve the quality of life for all our residents, assuring quality housing stock, and providing continued opportunities for homeownership. NDA plays a key role in strengthening and bettering our community for current and future generations, and that is what drives me to serve on NDA’s Board of Directors.”

Oliver Toomey, Clerk

Oliver has lived in Lynn for 42 years and has been a member of the NDA Board of Directors for 18 of those years.  For Oliver, the Waterworks Project on Walnut Street was the most rewarding for him as it was the first project he was involved in.  As a newcomer to the NDA, it was with this project that he was able to see the original idea, the planning, the site work, the input from the neighborhood and the resulting joy coming from the residing families.  “The NDA and its partners have a long history of working within neighbors and with residents to make sure that Lynn continues to be a great city, and that is why I serve on this Board.”

Ann Reddy, Treasurer

Ann Reddy has served on the NDA Board for 30 years, and is a lifelong Lynn resident. Ann is a graduate of Lynn English High school, and her six children and 15 grandchildren are also Lynn residents. In addition to her role on the NDA Board, Ann is also a member of the St. Vincent de Paul Society at St. Pius Church, and is the President of the Lynn Municipal Employee Credit Union. According to Ann, perhaps the most significant impact of the NDA is the conversion of older industrial buildings in Lynn’s downtown to condominium units, as well as the development of new, single family homes in congested neighborhoods within the city. Furthermore, the NDA has taken the lead in improving neighborhoods through thoughtful and intelligent revitalization. Ann looks forward to NDA’s adoption of sustainability and environmentally conscious planning going forward.

John Pace

Mr. Pace is a lifelong resident of Lynn and has served on the NDA Board of Directors for 14 years.  For John, every development that NDA has been involved in has been the most fulfilling.  “It’s so rewarding to see the happy people when they purchase one of our in-fill homes.”


“Being a former Lynn Housing Authority & Neighborhood Development (LHAND) employee, I am very proud to be a member of the NDA Board and to see the accomplishments that we have done for the city of Lynn.  I look forward to continued progress by NDA on behalf of the City and its citizens.”

Wascar DeLeon

Wascar has been a Lynn resident for more than 21 years and a member of the NDA Board of Directors for 9 years.  For Wascar, the Fayette Street, Washington Street, Laighton Street and Union Street projects were all rewarding to work on as they have given those neighborhoods a better appearance and have also increased the safety in those areas.  “For more than 20 years, as a resident of Lynn, I have seen how NDA has contributed to the transformation and beautification of the City.  As a Board Member I have witnessed how NDA targets areas that are in need of improvement and by working with the people and private businesses, NDA has definitely made the City a better place to live in.”

  • Gateway North

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